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Liquid Metal Marketing brings brand development and web design to the SME space. In the ever changing climate, businesses find that having a strong online presence and brand is vital to success and growth.

Here at LMM we offer a large range of services enabling us to deliver a bespoke brand development package for you, regardless of business size. We take a flexible and reliable approach to taking care of your brand.

Let's have a conversation!

A conversation costs nothing and can change everything. Let's see how we can work together.

Let's have a conversation!

A conversation costs nothing and can change everything. Let's see how we can work together.

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Baffled about branding?

Congratulations! You’ve got an amazing idea for a business, you’ve taken that first step towards making it a reality...but now what? Where do you start? It’s time to create your brand!

Getting your brand right is vital. It shows potential customers who you are, helps you to stand out from the crowd, and makes sure that people will remember you.

Think of your brand as a human - it has it’s own personality. Is it serious or funny? Does it like muted or vibrant colours? What is it’s catchphrase? What is it’s name? We will help you with all these decisions, as well as bringing your brand to life.

Liquid Metal Marketing

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your brand. It will be on your website, stationary, business cards, social media accounts..the list goes on. So it’s extremely important that it symbolises who your business is. Would you prefer letters or imagery? What kind of colour palette would best reflect your company? We will have these conversations, and more, with you to create the perfect design for your business. Using products such as Adobe Illustrator we will create this from scratch to ensure it’s exactly how you want it.

Business Cards

Business Cards

In a pocket or wallet, on a noticeboard or used as a bookmark. It doesn’t matter where your prospective clients keep your business cards, as long as they’re there when they matter most, when they’re looking for the right business to talk to about the products or services they require. From design, to print and delivery, we look after the whole process for you. We have also recently launched our “smart” business cards - a bespoke end to end service designed to ensure you start out with our high quality business cards with unique integrated digital functions.


Business Email Account

Branded email is a total no brainer! Let’s imagine it from a customer perspective, you are wanting the service of a company but find their sales email address is! How does that look? Now imagine your competition has, it’s subtle but makes a huge difference to the perception of a company and brand. You can also opt to add Microsoft 365 to the package which includes access to the full suite of standard Microsoft office applications including Word, Excel and Outlook.

The online world has changed

Having an online presence has been key to promoting your business and connecting with your customers for some time. But now, for many businesses that’s evolved into creating digital spaces and virtual connections that work alongside the physical world. Online is more essential than ever when it comes to building your brand, increasing your credibility and managing your reputation.

Being able to adapt and make the most of the opportunities presented by the changing digital world has already seen many small businesses not only survive, but thrive. Crucially, UK SMEs have seen a 28% decline in traditional revenues. Digital marketing offers a cost efficient way to promote your products and services and talk to your customers.

Web Design

Web Design

Regardless of what you business does, your website is a digital shopfront. It’s where prospective customers go to find out who you are, what you do and if you’re right for them. This is why it’s vital that your website is a true reflection of who you are as a business. We know how important this is, so we will work with you to get it just right. Got some ideas of what you want? We will work with you to translate this onto screen. Not sure where to start? We will take full ownership, from initial design through to development and management of your site, making sure that you are happy every step of the way.


Hosting and Domain

Once we have the website looking and working how you want it, the next step is getting you online, and we look after all of this for you. Firstly we will find you the right domain name if you don’t already have one (we would typically recommend using or .com), or if you already have a domain name we can arrange to use that. Then we will launch your site, hosted through our server. We make sure this is fast and reliable, so your site is always available when people need to view it. We fully manage all hosting so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We can also ensure full security will SSL certificates if required.



If you have products to sell (either physical or digital) then it can often be a good idea to offer them online as well as face to face. This will not only increase revenue streams, but also your ability to do business with people further afield. We offer a choice of platform models, depending on your preferences, that include full payment gateway protection. These platforms enable us to integrate your products directly into your site to match the look and feel of your brand, without the need to redirect to any other shopping platforms. We support Stripe and Paypal, giving you lots of flexibility on payment methods.

Is traditional marketing dead?

There is no denying that there is becoming more and more emphasis on communicating with your prospective customers online. Whether that be through email, social media, a website or PPC advertising. But does this mean physical (or traditional) marketing is now dead? We don’t think so.

The advantage of physical marketing is exactly that - it’s physical. People can feel it, read it, put it somewhere safe and refer to it when the time’s right. Whether that be a leaflet, brochure or company pen.

Done right, physical and digital marketing should sit hand in hand, working together to increase your footprint and getting you in front of the right people.



There are many different uses for leaflets and brochures. From mail drops and advertising handouts, to post sale materials and even referral schemes, leaflets can be a great way to grow your business, as well as provide relevant information to your customers. We offer full support, with design, copywriting and printing, and we use high quality materials to ensure they always look professional and present your business in the best possible way.


Custom Products

You’ve got your business cards and leaflets, but there’s even more ways to get your message and branding into your prospective customers hands. How many times have you “gained” company branded pens with their logos and contact information on? Then you can go even further. Imagine handing a client a coffee in a custom branded, recyclable cup, or even making additional revenue on branded t-shirts. The possibilities are endless.


Photography and Video

Stock images have their place, but sometimes you need things to be a bit more personal. Whether that be product photography on your e-commerce site, or a promotional video for your social media, we’ve got you covered. Our professional photographer has all the equipment for your needs - from photography and recording, to audio equipment, editing software, and even a drone for more dynamic production needs.